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Blocked Drains

Amber raced to the toilet. She was already running late for her daughters soccer game! She did her business and flushed…

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Hot Water

Dorris was in the process of washing her vegetables, patting them dry and storing them. She preferred to do it…

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Lillian was almost at the end of the chapter when she heard running water. She hadn’t heard her boyfriend, James…

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Pipe Relining

This service sees our plumbing team install a tough lining in the sewer line after it is cleared. There is no digging involved in this process in most cases.

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Facts You Should Know!

Clovelly BayHistoric Clovelly and Clovelly Bay has been a popular destination for Sydneysiders since the 1900’s. Clovelly Life Saving Club was one of the first in the world, founded in 1906 with a Life Saving Brigade forming in 1907. Clovelly really started to develop as a residential suburb in 1909 with 70% of dwellings being units, flats, semi-detached, terrace houses or townhouses. Surf Life Saving and competitive swimming have been predominate parts of the culture and heritage of Clovelly.

During the Great Depression work was difficult to get so Randwick Council introduced a scheme to keep unemployed men employed in the worst financial times by building concrete foreshores for Clovelly to enable bathers to have easier access. The Council picture an Olympic size swimming pool in the bay, a facility that would also keep local men employed throughout the Depression.

Clovelly has such a beach culture it is important that we do our best to keep our beaches clean and swimmable all year round. We can all do this by carrying out preventative maintenance on our drains and gutters as well as remembering that only water should be allowed into the stormwater drains not litter and garden waste as this will wash up on our beaches. To have your drains professionally cleaned called Plumber Clovelly we can also establish regular maintenance programs for you.

In appreciation for customers supporting local businesses, we are offering a $25 discount when you book online via the Plumber Clovelly website.

Local Tradesmen servicing the Clovelly Area

with plumbers trained in all facets of plumbing and gas fitting including;
We can repair or replace dripping, faulty taps
Running toilets repaired or replaced
Qualified gas fitting services including repairs and replacement
Hot Water Installations, repairs or replacement
Environmentally friendly rainwater tanks installed, repaired or replaced
Leaking water pipes repaired or re-run
Blocked drains both internal and external cleared, inspected, repaired or re-run

7 Reasons to hire Plumber Clovelly over all others…


We value professionalism

With fully trained tradesmen


We value integrity

Providing professional advice at a fixed price


100% Quality Service,

Fully guaranteed and insured


Emergency Plumbing Services

Providing 24 hour assistance


We offer a FREE plumbing and safety inspection

With multiple job discounts


A fleet of fully stocked trucks

Ready for most plumbing jobs


Blocked drain specialists

We will get your drains running again


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Some Plumbing Story on Plumber Clovelly

Allison was unloading her dishwasher one morning and noticed that the drain smelt really bad. She had noticed for a couple of weeks it had been getting stronger and stronger. Allison had tried tipping disinfectant into the drain and doing a cycle of the dishwasher without anything in it thinking she might be able to stop the smell but it was still there. She thought it was time to call in the local neighbourhood plumber.

He set up and ran the high pressure water jetter down the line and sure enough the blockage cleared. The cause of the build-up was excess fat and grease in the line he suggested that if she had really fatty pots and pans she should tip the excess oil into a container and throw it out in the garbage not into the drain and wipe up solid oil with paper towel not just put them in the dishwasher.

He set up and ran the high pressure water jetter down the line and sure enough the blockage cleared. The cause of the build up was excess fat and grease in the line from the dirty plates going into the dishwasher.

Alison was so happy to no longer have a smell waft through her kitchen every time she opens the dishwasher.

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