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Blocked Stormwater and Pipes Blocked Drains can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare but with us looking after your home drainage, you can relax. By using the state of the art and the latest advances in drain clearing technology such as the water jetter and the CCTV drain camera.

The main causes of a blocked drain – either storm water or sewer are:

  • Tree roots, get into your pipes and grow inside until they completely block the pipe.
  • Debris in the pipe such as silt and building materials.
  • Faults in the sewer line.

Clearing your blocked drain

Blocked Drains can be cleared in several ways, not all methods are suitable for your drain but once on site the plumber can assess the right method for you.

  1. High strength drain acid
  2. Plunging the toilet/sink
  3. RootX – foaming root inhibitor
  4. Bioclean – an environmentally friendly preventive drain cleaning agent.
  5. Water jet drain cleaner
  6. Electric Eel
  7. Dig up and replacement of sewer pipes.

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Blocked Drains Clovelly

Amber raced to the toilet. She was already running late for her daughters soccer game! She did her business and flushed before racing out the door. She made it in time, fortunately, and a couple of her friends were there as well! They chatted while their girls ran around the field. The game was a loss, but the girls weren’t particularly bothered when Amber suggested they all come over for a barbeque luncheon. Everyone piled into their cars and headed back, stopping off at the shops to purchase their contributions to the spontaneous event.

Amber made it home first. Her daughter made a bee line to the bathroom, unsurprising considering the big bottle of water she’d downed in the car. Nat had barely stepped into the bathroom when Amber heard the loud “Ewwwwwwww!” Amber shoved the sausages into the fridge and went to investigate.

The toilet was filled with waste. A lot more waste than had entered it before Amber had left. The two stood there, nose wrinkled, before Nat ducked under Ambers arm and headed for the ensuite bathroom instead. Thank goodness there was a second bathroom. Unfortunately, there were people coming over, and soon! They would need the main toilet! She picked up her mobile and looked up the number for the Clovelly Plumber who had been last time to fix a leaky tap. Fate was smiling on her as the Plumber said he would be able to make it. He was just about finishing off a job and could stop off at hers before his next one. Amber thanked him and began setting up.

Most of the Mothers and Daughters had arrived when the Clovelly Plumber knocked on the door. The salads were made and the meat was on. Amber left her guests in charge as she went to deal with the problem. The Plumber began to plunge, working it up and down, before flushing. The water cleared away quickly, and nothing came back up again. He filled a bucket with water and flushed it down a few times. Again, the water drained away quickly. A simple but very effective fix. Amber couldn’t be more grateful, she could have hugged him! Instead she gave the local Clovelly Plumber a sausage sandwich to go as an extra thank you.

For fast and effective service, call your local Clovelly Plumber on 0402 240 398, whether it’s a blocked toilet or clogged sink, call now!

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