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Do you have any Plumbing Emergency? Your Emergency Plumbing Problems Solved Fast! Fast response, 24hr/365 days and we only charge from the time of arrival. Over 125,000 home emergencies attended every year!

All our emergency plumbing engineers are able to tackle any 24 hour plumbing, heating, or drainage emergency including:

  • Hot Water emergencies
  • Drain blockage emergencies
  • Leaks and burst pipes

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Emergency Plumbing in Clovelly

Lillian was almost at the end of the chapter when she heard running water. She hadn’t heard her boyfriend, James, come home. She finished off the chapter as quickly as she could and put the book down to go and welcome him back. Lillian knocked playfully on the bathroom door. When no answer was forthcoming, she pushed it open slightly. After no shout of protest, she opened it completely. There was no one in the shower, or at the basin. The bathroom was deserted, except for the sound of running water. She stepped in and immediately felt wet between her toes. Lillian looked down and saw water pooling over the floor, cascading out, under the doors of the vanity unit. She ran out and picked up the phone, looking for the number of the local Clovelly Plumber she had used once before.

The Neighbourhood Plumber arrived on time and ready to help. He had already instructed Lillian to turn off water to under the sink. She’d crawled under the sink, trying to not care about the water spraying in her face. She found the mini taps and screwed them off. The water flow had stopped and she had been able to start sweeping water down the floorwaste in her bathroom. The Clovelly Plumber had a look under the sink and found a damaged hose. The flexible hose had burst due to age and wear, causing the flood of water into the bathroom. The local Plumber removed the damaged hose and replaced it with a new one. He checked the remaining flexible hoses while he was there as well, to ensure they were all still secured. He then turned the water back on. There was no gush of water, the problem had been resolved!

Do you have a plumbing emergency you need solved in your Clovelly home? Call your local Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0402 240 398!

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