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Hot Water in Clovelly

Dorris was in the process of washing her vegetables, patting them dry and storing them. She preferred to do it straight away so she didn’t have to worry about it while cooking. As she ran a paper towel over a tomato, she noticed the white paper came away reddish. She’d have to be more gentle if she wanted them to keep. She finished off the rest of the tomatoes and got onto the lettuce. She dried off as much as she could and looked down into the sink to find brown-tinted water circling the drain hole. She glanced at the tomatoes, stored in their container, and then at the lettuce in her hands. Was the brown coming from the tap? She checked in her bathroom, running the water against the backdrop of her white porcelain sink instead of the stainless steel kitchen. It became obvious quite quickly that the water was, indeed, a dirty colour, and only from the hot tap!

She rang her trusted Clovelly Plumber immediately. He arrived a couple of hours later, protective covers over his work boots ready to protect her floors. He took a look at the water coming from the taps and then inspected her hot water tank. Unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to repair her tank. It was rusted and needed to be replaced. The rust was in the water, causing it to turn the colour Dorris had noticed earlier. There was no way around it, so she got him to work immediately and prepared him a cup of coffee to keep herself occupied. She realised she didn’t have any biscuits to go with the coffee, so Dorris got out her ingredients and started baking.

The biscuits were barely out of the oven when the Clovelly Plumber entered the kitchen to say he’d finished. Dorris offered him a biscuit and then scooped half of them into a paper bag to take with him. He showed her that the taps were running clear water. Now she could wash up her cooking mess! She thanked him profusely, as always, and sent him on his way.

Do you have a problem with your hot water system that you need fixed? Call your local Clovelly Plumber now on 0402 240 398 for a trusted and professional service!

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